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What We Offer
Strategic Pillars of Business Development

To establish a curated approach to business development, we initiate with a comprehensive exploration of your business, including its overarching vision and short- and long-term objectives. Our tailored approach then takes effect, geared towards maximizing your business's potential. As you navigate through a heavily regulated market, every move must be strategic to ensure compliance and overcome obstacles. At TWG, we take pride in creating solutions and preventing problems by crafting compliant operational plans that align with your business goals. By doing so, we assist in reducing overall expenses while simultaneously enhancing profitability. 

Business Operations

At TWG, we believe that operational procedures are the cornerstone of any successful business. That's why we take a project management approach, ensuring that we fully understand each department's roles, responsibilities, and relationships before developing a strategy for optimizing operations. Whether you have a small startup or a large corporation, we can help align your systems and departments to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Human Resources & Impact

We know that when you invest in your team, you set yourself apart from the industry standard;  TWG thinks of the HR component as the path to human impact. By establishing a system that sustains recruiting, hiring and onboarding while building  your team you also plan for opportunities to expand your business and it's impact.  A strong HR foundation demands clarity on all levels, which then leads to  recognizing responsibilities, accountability and  leaves plenty of room for sustaining business growth.

Licensing & Compliance

In such a heavily regulated industry, compliance is at the core of every strategic pillar. From writing applications, to getting teams through their inspections and receiving final licensing to commence operations; TWG can work with your municipality, local officials and the regulatory department of oversight (CCC, DBR, OCM, etc.) to move you through to opening your doors.

Orientation, Training & Development

A structured training plan developed with the executive team creates clarity on expectations, streamlines operations, and empowers your team to educate consumers, customers and  your expanded community. By utilizing your handbook and internal SOPs, we take a curated approach to the train-the- trainer model.  With a structured orientation and training plan in place, you build company culture.

Branding & Marketing

You have been dreaming and planning to launch your business, now it's time to strategize all that work behind it all, the who- what- where- when- how- collides with the senses, how does your brand look, feel, sound, taste, touch and smell?TWG assists in developing a structured plan behind how your brand is represented, and how your target audience is reached and your business continues to meet goals and build growth.

Events & Experiences

TWG will advise you and your brand beyond the strategy of opening the doors, how to create lasting impressions and impact.  Whether you are working on a dedicated outreach strategy to reach your community and beyond, or want to strategize sponsorship and activation budget, TWG has got you covered.

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